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Established : 2004
Status : Boarding
Total Students : 539
Class Range : IX to XII
Total Teachers : 27
Total Support Staff : 22


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Motto : Conscience + Attitude + Professionalism (CAP)

Admission Awareness Talk by Principal of Dungsam Academy
Pema Gyeltshen XI Arts

It was 1.10 PM when all the students of classes X and XI of our school gathered in the multipurpose hall. All the students were quite and calm. Then our principal introduced to us the Principal of Dungsam Academy. He was none other than Mr. Passang Norbu, who previously worked as the principal of Trashitse Higher Secondary School, Trashigang. He is one of the brave and hardworking men. He was welcomed by our principal on behalf of Baylling family. .

After the welcome speech, the Principal directly started to talk on Dungsam Academy. Dungsam Academy lies at the junction on the way between Samdrup Jongkhar and Deothang. It lies on beautiful hill and is surrounded by green trees and lustrous natural sceneries. It is a pleasant place to study. Its summer temperature ranges from 20o to 25o Celsius. In winter it ranges from 15o to 19o Celsius. Dungsam Academy was opened on 18th March 2013 especially for those low achievers and unfortunate students.

Currently, in Dungsam Academy, there are around 143 students and 7 teachers including the principal. There are three streams: science, commerce and arts. The motto of the school is: In pursuit of academic excellence. The school also works towards reducing or leveling the gap between the low and high achievers.
With regard to the infrastructural facilities and other accessibilities, there are 18 classrooms, “the school has excellent academic building blended with traditional Bhutanese architecture with enough classrooms, science laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology, ICT laboratory, library, lounge, staff room and offices. It has two well furnished dormitories that can accommodate 150 boys and 150 girls.”  The school maintains very low teacher- student ratio (as low as 1:20) so as to provide the maximum guidance coaching. The school also provides basic computer courses.

The activities conducted in Dungsam Academy are same like in other higher secondary schools. There are five clubs to provide extra knowledge and life skills. They also conduct games and sports activities and cultural activities.

We were also told that foods provided by the school are of good standard. The students are always provided with local rice, meat and fresh/ green vegetables. Fresh fruits like apples, mango and banana are provided as per the menu.

We were also briefed on the awards and rewards system of the school. If the students are able to score 85%, they are given the full scholarship; above 80% and below 85% are given with half scholarship. The students taking science stream need to pay Nu. 60,000 and those taking commerce and arts should pay Nu. 53,000.
At the end of the session, I came to know that I as a student have developed a special sense of gratitude as Dungsam Academy has especially given its attention to the low performers and the unfortunate ones, where as all the other schools in the kingdom catch hold of the high achievers and gain fame in the country. The school seems to have expert, skilled and highly paid set of teaching faculties. The facilities are well provided. The principal of the school wishes and welcomes the ones who are willing to join his family.

The program ended at around 1.55 PM with the words of gratitude by our principal.