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Best ever 18th National Education Conference, held at Tashi Namgay Grand, Phuentsholing  concluded on 12th January 2017, to say the least, ceremoniously. His Excellency, Lyonchen's personal presence made the closing session solemn. What can be more...... [More]
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Principal's Message" The Way It Should Be"

Best ever 18th National Education Conference, held at Tashi Namgay Grand, Phuentsholing  concluded on 12th January 2017, to say the least, ceremoniously. His Excellency, Lyonchen's personal presence made the closing session solemn. What can be more jubilating to participants in particular and all Bhutanese in general than to know that Lyonchen, though had to visit five Gewogs in Pemagatshel, and Dungsam Cement factory in Nanglam, had hectic schedule in the early part of the day,  made it a point to attend the closing ceremony in the evening.  This is an indication, every Bhutanese must be proud of, that Prime Minister of Bhutan places high priority to education, and considers it indispensable light in the wake of nation's progress. Lyonchen expressed his affable confidence in the leadership of every stakeholder currently working under the umbrella of Ministry of Education. Milestones, hallmarks, and tremendous progress  in education, without exception, can be achieved only through joint effort.    
Stronger the education system, stronger will be the nation. To make education stronger and viable, natural settings and human forces, planning and actions, infrastructure and programs - all must complement and supplement one another. I applaud our present Sherig Lyonpo, loud and clear, for his dynamism, broad outlook, oratory skills, wide range of knowledge of cosmos, and his audacity in taking decisions. His shrewdness, unbiased sense of judgment, enabled education fraternity to come up with many undreamt initiatives, tapping which, pure knowledge necessary for the healthy growth of personalities and nation would flow profusely and remain available to all aspiring individuals. Sherig Lyonpo's empathetic  nature has made what was not possible then possible. Feelings that lay dormant for long, deep within myself, got enlivened. Consensus reached on many agenda in the present National Education Conference (NEC) has beyond doubt made teacher's position comfortable. Similarly, teaching and learning inside classrooms, though yet to be implemented, will be enriching and absolute fun.  
Training on Kagan's Transformative Pedagogy enabled all teachers to engage students effectively. Through the feedback that I received from my students, I gathered substantial understanding that they enjoyed activity-based teaching and learning in their classrooms. Language is a barrier to effective teaching with some teachers. However, with our Ministry's decision to conduct another  large scale training on English Language Proficiency in 2017, I am sure all teachers silently viewing language as their barrier,  would become confident in their delivery, and eloquent or proficient in communicating their ideas. English Language Proficiency Training would, definitely, come to them as blessing in disguise. Reducing the number of contact teaching hours from twenty two at present to eighteen is one big motivation to all teachers. I am sure this would definitely offer enough time to our teachers for leisure, preparation of teaching-learning materials and lesson plans. Not having clear progression pathways or having pathways filled with hurdles is one reason which left teachers or other stakeholders disgruntled for long. With the new agreed pathways for DEOs, Principals, Vice Principals, and Teachers, which may soon appear in our favor, I believe, would have created breathing space or given a reason to continuously serve Ministry.
Dzongkha, our national language, had assumed the status of backbencher in our own country. No research, whatsoever, to find out the cause of its stagnation was done. I apologize if this statement sounds baseless. But, from 2017 academic session and beyond, Dzongkha would gradually appear in the forefront and assume leading role. To make this possible, trained Dzongkha teachers will teach Dzongkha from PP-III replacing the general teachers who had to reluctantly bear the load of teaching it. It was also decided to raise the marks of Dzongkha  for classes IX and X from 35% to 40%. Though, I find it hard to comment with confidence, as changes may not happen immediately, I am to certain extent, sure that consensus reached may reinstate Dzongkha to its former glory.
Value education once dominated our education theatre. Many great personalities of Bhutan, who retired or reached almost the retirement age, who were prominent players once, would support me ardently. They played their part in an organized manner, made their names, and earned unadulterated respect. Present players, may be because value education has relaxed or became less active in present schools, play differently. Some actions sink beyond our judgment. They do drugs, become public nuisance, create disharmony in the family, and disturb the serene school atmosphere. In summary, present generations do things in disorganized manner.  Like the travelers travelling through the desert, worn out by scorching sun and unfathomable distance, thirst for water (value education) persisted in our system. To rescue generations on the crossroad, Value Orientation Week (VOW), to be organized in schools in the beginning of 2017 academic session, is a perfect solution. What is going to make this program more resilient, enduring and successful is its nature of involving whole school family and its follow up mechanism. I am sure,  VOW would awaken the sleeping value education program and travel a long way in proactively shaping younger generations into patriotic, skillful, self-aware, well-informed, creative and decisive citizens of Bhutan.
Shortened winter vacations and lengthened summer breaks is also highly welcomed decision to me. I, having become attached to school and its daily chores, find it difficult to pass time when away from it. I become restless. In the past there was a hazy discussion on the change of time. But, it did not bear fruit. I got the feeling that my long standing thought hit bull's eye at last. About one month and two weeks of breaks in winter and exactly one month break in summer is perfect. Ideal time perfectly matching our expectation, such as our present decision on time, would be hard to avail.
Identification of new Central Schools and talk on establishment of Premier Schools are news which might bring melody to both parents and students. It is something which might relieve many parents from their cumbersome thoughts of having to manage necessary items for their school going children. As their deadening dream would end, parents who had to spent sleepless nights, would get peaceful sleep. Students possessing multi talents must hold their fingers crossed for the establishment of Premier Schools in our Kingdom.  This would mean getting space for them to spread out their talents. Numerous talents of our students in the past were made to undergo natural death, in front of our vigilance, for lack of space and arena. Premier schools are must. It will serve as theatre for budding poets and dramatists, highly furnished laboratory for scientists, doctors and engineers, and world class playing field for potential sportsmen.
     We will see U-Turn talk shows, where any eminent speaker would be invited to give theme-based talk,  in Dzongkhags as well as in schools from this year. By listening to eminent speakers, I am sure, substantial amount of new ideas or knowledge would be injected into an individual. In some point of time, new ideas heard, would be of immense help to the listeners. Another significant decision taken was that Bhutan will participate in coming PISA-D ranking. This decision is like the decision taken by Ulysses "To sail beyond the sunset". It is like education system of Bhutan entering into the world of gloom, uncertainty. Two possibilities can be expected: Bhutan's education standard at par or up to acceptable level or below standard. Dilemma can be summed up in Tennyson's words again, "It may be that the gulfs will wash us down: It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles." But, how long can we keep ourselves hiding  from the face of truth? Again, unexpected results, do not mean that we may not have any option open. By exploring, discovering and contemplating, greatly to our advantage, we can have opportunities unfurled in front of us, using which we can take our education level to its desired elevation. This is my narration of tail part of a coin. In truth, I make devout prayer that our education standard is placed above education standards of many developed countries.
     Educationists in the system, Schools in the field, parents at home, now have equal and bigger roles to play and share- prepare the right programs, provide opportunities to excel and grow, and groom students in the expected manner. PISA-D participants will be randomly chosen among children who have attended fifteen years of age. It could be anybody's child or student. Adequate preparation and right training would equip our students with competence, skills, knowledge and confidence. In no way, complacency, in the name of taking little rest after hard work, is favorable option! Work hard and inculcate sense of hard work in our children!
     All decisions, incidences, examples mentioned above are my thoughts. In no way, do I indicate that I represent the mass. I respect individual difference. Different people will have different views on the resolutions of NEC. Depending upon the plans and programs, avoidable and unavoidable circumstances, priorities and options, readers may agree or disagree. It has to be understood here that I have not generalized but expressed my own happiness about occurrence of the long awaited decisions.
     Happy New Year to all Baylling Family Members! Together we can conquer the world that remained unconquered! Let us begin! 





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