Report on International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction: Baylling CS 13 October 2019

---Sangay Phuntsho

The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction was organized by school disaster management team on 13th October 2020 after sixth period from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM in the assembly ground, Baylling Central School.

The main purpose of this event was to create awareness on preparedness against any natural disaster and particularly preparedness against earthquake since our country is located in one of the seismically active zones in the world. As per the plan, we carried out earthquake evacuation drill. All staff and students participated in awareness program and evacuation drill.

Disaster focal person gave speech on the importance of the Day at the start of the program. The focal person created awareness on six safety measures against any natural disaster and earthquakes. After that, all students and staff moved to respective classrooms for the evacuation drill. On the first signal, all students and staff did duck, cover and hold under study tables, and on the second signal, all staff and students safely evacuated from classrooms to the evacuation ground.

Once all gathered in the evacuation ground, Disaster Focal Person shared his observation about the evacuation drill and some important measures to remember in order to efficiently evacuate from unsafe area to safe ground.

To conclude the program, Disaster focal person talked on the preventive measures for Covid-19 as per the directives from Ministry of Health. The talks were about latest findings of Covid-19 and precaution taken to make zero transmission of Covid-19 to school.

The importance of the Day was further stressed by the concluding remarks by Principal. He stressed on the importance of the Day and shared appreciation to the team who conducted and made the program a successful one.