Report on Global Hand Washing Day- Baylling CS 15 October 2019

---Sangay Phuntsho

Global Handwashing Day was organized by school health team on 15th October 2020 after sixth period from 3:40 PM to 4:20 PM at assembly ground, Baylling Central School.

The main purpose of this program was to create advocacy on importance of handwashing and making important habits in their daily lives. The program was intended to reach a message that handwashing is the simplest, and the most effective ways to stop the spread of diseases and save their lives.

School health coordinator gave speech on the importance of handwashing at the start of the program. The health coordinator highlighted on taking hand hygiene seriously especially during this coronavirus pandemic.

After the talk by health coordinator, Mr. Phuntsho Wangdi demonstrated the seven effective steps of handwashing, all staff and students learnt the seven steps of handwashing..

After the demonstration of seven steps hand hygiene technique, all classes with class teachers went to their assigned areas to do handwashing practically. All staff members and students practiced the seven steps of handwashing.