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Nyinlo – The Solstice for Teachers
2nd January, is winter solstice, observed differently in different parts of our country. 2nd January 2018 solstice has awakened my experience which remained dormant for long...... [More]
Established : 2004
Status : Boarding
Total Students : 568
Class Range : IX to XII
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Total Support Staff :19
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Awarding Scarfs and Badges by Principal during Teachers Day
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Reading Park
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Baylling Central School
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Inter Class Basket ball Final
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Students in Agriculture field
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Thuenpa Puenzhi
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Pa Cham Performed by Students on Teachers Day

1. Birth Aniversary of 3rd King/Teacher's Day.
2. 5th Zhabdrung Kuchoe.
3. 13th-22nd Submit compiled textbook requisition to AFD, MoE.
4. 21st Lord Buddha's Parinirvana.
5. World No Tobacco Day.


Report on the Menstrual Hygiene Day


On 28th of May, Baylling Central School observed Menstrual Hygiene Day, highlighting on the importance of good menstrual hygiene management with the theme: It is time for action!
The program was spearheaded by School Health and DAISAN members. In the opening lines of school counselor: “We live and survive on this earth ONLY because of one reason, that is WOMAN BLEEDS,” but we fail to understand this as he also quoted “A rapist, an alcoholic, a terrorist, an adulterer, a murderer, an atheist, everybody is allowed to enter even the most secret and sacred part of the temple, except a woman on period”.
The members dramatized how our girls are shamed, ridiculed, stigmatized with derogative language and behavior that immensely affect the psychology of our girls.    They greatly inspired and encouraged our students to support women and girls especially during their menstruation. The principal highlighted that menstrual hygiene concerns the dignity and well-being of all menstruating women and girls , particularly school going girls who often miss classes and exams due to menstruation ,which underpins the right to sanitation management and attitude (particularly, boys) towards menstruation.

Similarly, the lady staff of the school led the Red Dot Campaign. They visited different sectors, agencies and shops to advocate on the importance of menstrual hygiene. The team comprising of lady staff, YVIA and DAISAN members collected sanitary pads and raised a fund amounting to Nu. 17,375. The fund will be used for buying sanitary pads of our menstruating girls.