In pursuit of Gross National Happiness
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                Get It Right

The past years had been more or less like collecting materials for the construction of a concrete building for us. We wandered into different places, of course, with clear sense of direction as to what we want, bargained, wherever necessary [Read More]



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Motto : Conscience + Attitude + Professionalism (CAP)
The Greatest Wealth is a Health
Baylling Central School had joined the world in observing the World Health Day on 7th April, 2016.It was coordinated by School Health club and UNESCO club. To mark the day, we followed special timing and by 2 PM all the students and staff members gathered in the MPH.....[More]
Report on one day Khuru Tournament
The one day khuru knockout tournament was organised on 3rd April, 2016 as a Grand Event with the objectives to celebrate the 36th birth anniversary of our fifth king and the Galsey; to construct statue of Chhana Dorji for the wellbeing of Baylling family and all the sentient beings; and.....[More]

 “Water, the Hub of Life

                                 -Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Baylling Central School has joined the world in observing the World Water Day on 23rd March, 2016 in its small way in the morning assembly and in the afternoon. It was coordinated by School UNESCO and Health Club.....[More]

A couple of Jamborees In Baylling Central School
Welcome and return show is the main pillars to build the conjugal and relieving relationship between old and new students. The shows were mainly scheduled to impart the values of our rich culture, build sense of respect and develop relationship between students. ...[More]

Established : 2004
Status : Boarding
Total Students : 539
Class Range : IX to XII
Total Teachers : 27
Total Support Staff : 22


1. 2nd-PT Meeting
2. 7th-World Health Day
3. 9th-School Marathon
4. 11th-Interclass VB
5. 14th-Earthquake Mock drill (night)
6.16th-Zhabdrung Kuchoe
7. 23rd-International Literacy Day.
8. 25th-Interclass FB